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By 2023, Forrester estimates that digital technology will influence almost 80% of all physical store retail transactions, worth US$2.1-trillion.

The “influence” is already approaching in many forms: In-store sales associates using iPads to check inventory for customers; digital signage that changes promotions based on preferences and proximity of a shopper; showrooming or “webrooming” where shoppers compare products online or in-store, but buy elsewhere; or simple try-on-delivery service.


Rio Verde Media was developed to enable companies to successfully navigate through the process of launching an online web business that could range from a simple lead generation model to a full functional e-commerce channel for your business.

Our solutions offer a significantly lower investment where our team of professionals can set limits to our overall participation.  We can build the initial foot print which would then allow you to integrate professionals on your end to take up the mantel and run with it, or we can provide management services on a monthly basis.

Many companies are mired in the processes of setting up an effective online marketing program.  So, “How do you find the best platforms to build your online business, and what resources do you need to maintain and expand into the future?”  Rio Verde Media will provide and support the best online solution for your business.

Key services Rio Verde Media will provide:

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Our team will work with you on key initiatives to successfully launch your online channel.  We will work with you to develop your online strategy and building a program around that strategy.  Part of the strategy will include how other parts of your business (Operations, Sales, Customer Service and Marketing) will be involved.

Part of the web design process may include implementing key technology solutions to support your strategy through domain set up, website design, content development for SEO, social media, integrating an email program and establishing KPI’s and measuring web analytics to ensure you are reaching your goals.

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Rio Verde Media can develop your website across a number of the most popular web platforms that include Shopify, Magento, Word Press, Big Commerce and Woo Commerce; based on your needs and budget.


We will implement best practice approach for your website to allow customers to find you online, engage with your products or services, act as a lead-gen resource for your sales team, and launch your own email marketing campaigns using services provided by MailChimp, Exact Target, Bronto and more.


We will ensure that you have a general understanding and educate your team on how to utilize web analytics using Google Analytics. We will set up your reporting dashboards and provide training on how to develop reports and track your KPI’s

Maintaining regular updates as directed if you so choose on a monthly basis.

If you require continued support post-launch, Rio Verde Media can partner with you to manage any function of your online channel, as we can offer a variety of services that will meet your needs going forward to ensure you deliver the best online experience for your customers.

Contact us today to learn how Rio Verde Media can get your business interactive.